Servant Software's Scripture
... is now MyBible!

The NIV, NASB or KJV Bible in your Palm!

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News Flash! Scripture is now being sold, distributed and supported by Laridian, Inc. under the name MyBible.

MyBible includes all the features that were in Scripture, plus more: bookmarks, footnotes (in some Bible translations), better searching, more speed, and many other improvements that Scripture users have been requesting.

In addition to the software improvements, Laridian is able to provide prompt, comprehensive user support which was not possible when Servant Software was working alone. Laridian also brings the opportunity to offer more translations of the Bible, and by taking on the business and marketing aspects will enable the MyBible program to be improved faster than before.

Servant Software will continue to develop the MyBible software on an ongoing basis, and is very pleased that Laridian is helping bring this software to more people and improve the overall customer experience.

The only disadvantage is that in order to provide professional support and allow the ongoing improvements, it will not be possible to provide the software for free any more. But Laridian shares our desire to keep the prices quite reasonable - the MyBible program is only $10, and the Bible modules themselves are only a little more expensive than they were before (they're now $19.99 or $29.99).

We think you'll agree that the benefits will far outweigh the small cost difference, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with great Bible study software for Palm Computing platform devices.

Answers to common questions:

Q: "I already bought the NIV or NASB modules for Scripture; can I still use them without paying more?"
A: Yes. Laridian will send you email with the details very soon; feel free to contact Laridian directly in case we don't have your current email address.

Q: "What new translations are coming?"
A: The New King James Version (NKJV) is first on the list; please let Laridian hear your requests for other translations.

Q: "What about the RSV?"
A: The RSV module will continue to be available if licensing issues can be worked out. We also plan to do the NRSV with the Apocrypha.

Other questions? Please send them to Laridian - they'll be happy to answer.

If you're still using a Newton device, you might be interested to see The Message for Newton - it is still available, but is not being improved any longer due to the platform's demise.