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"What's the point of the MessagePad, without The Message?"

The Message lets you read and search the Bible on any Newton device. The Message is free for personal use.

You can set preferences for display style of chapter, verse and footnote markers, as well as font and size. You can place bookmarks wherever you want, and a record is automatically kept of passages you've been reading recently. Searching allows you to find words or phrases in the current chapter or book, the entire Bible, or any of various sections of the Old and New Testaments.

The text of the entire Bible is broken down into eight sections, so that you can install just the parts that you want to have available. You need to install the main reader package ("The Message.pkg") and whichever modules you want to use. (See below.) Each package will take around 250 or 300k of storage space, and the entire Bible takes approximately 2 megabytes.

The Message requires Newton 2.0. The packages must be decompressed with Aladdin System's Stuffit Expander; make sure for the Windows version that you set the Cross Platform option values to "Never" and "Never".

The Revised Standard Version (RSV) module for The Message is free and downloadable from this page. You should register it with the University of Pennsylvania; please print out, sign and physically mail this declaration to them to satisfy their copyright requirements.

The King James (KJV) module for The Message is free and requires no registration.

The New International Version (NIV) module is no longer available. It was not shareware, as there are licensing fees are required to distribute a copy of the NIV. We are not supporting this product any more since Newton devices are defunct. Sorry...

Known bugs

When expanding the files, don't forget to use Stuffit Expander and on Windows to set its Cross Platform option values to "Never" and "Never".